With proper installation and maintenance of the devices, you can expect flawless operation in all conditions. For all products, we provide professional service with spare parts in stock.

Installation of off-gridd solar systems

Installation of additional equipment and processing

Rental of industrial and measuring devices

Planning integrated solutions for energy production:

Whether it's a small recreational vehicle or a larger "off-grid" facility. We offer optimal solutions and a personal approach.
  • Calculation of the required power for the production of electrical energy - through a DEA generator, wind, or solar power plant.
  • Sizing the capacity of batteries for storing electrical energy.
  • Integration of energy-efficient DC consumers and inverters for alternating voltage.
  • Sizing of fuses, conductors, integration of grid-tie inverters.

Electrical and thermal measurements:

The cavity measuring devices are used to make the measurements below. For enquiries, please email:
  • Discharge capacity test of batteries. Graphical representation of discharge curve and precise data on battery capacity or battery pack. Measurements of all types of batteries from 1.6V - 12V up to a maximum branch voltage of 500V. Measurement device: Megger Torkel 860.
  • Internal resistance measurements - fast and accurate measurement of battery condition. Suitable for gel cyclic batteries. Measurement device: Hioki BT3554.
  • Thermal insulation measurements - thermal losses with a thermal camera. Rapid detection of areas with the highest temperature losses. Measurement device: Flir C3.
  • Measurements of electrical consumption. Precise measurement of current in direct current circuits, single-phase, and three-phase alternating current circuits. Measurements of I, U, f, cosFi. Measurement device: Fluke 438 II.

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If you only need the device for a certain period of time, renting is an affordable option. It is also possible to buy the device at a later date, taking into account the rental period.

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