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We are official EU dealer for Lavaner and Autoterm diesel heaters. We keep in stock all well known brands and models.

We supply gas water heaters, DC compressor fridges and accessories for campers, trucks, nautical and holiday facilities.

We offer affordable equipment rental, advice on self-construction, calculation of solar and battery components, and professional installation and maintenance of devices.

Our advantage is fast response and immediate service, as we keep spare parts in stock.

In our store you can find hybrid inverters, solar and wind power plants, rectifiers and inverters, energy storage solutions and chargers for electric vehicles.

Based on many years of experience in the field of power electronics, we can advise you on the purchase and installation.

Sales and representation of various brands allows us to choose the optimal solution for each customer.


Sales, consulting and implementation of frequency converters, PLC controllers, CNC devices and other industrial equipment.

Rental and sale of LASER MEASURING EQUIPMENT for ground leveling in construction sites, and representation of a wide range of optical and specialized tools.

Because we know the course of work in industry and on construction sites, we immediately provide a replacement product in the event of a breakdown. This avoids the costs of stopping the process.


Extensive technical knowledge in the field of power electronics. 10 years of experience in the field of production and storage of electricity.

Design and implementation of small and large systems for island power plants, solar systems, battery storage, UPS and DEA systems, installation of charging stations for electric vehicles and much more …

Service and installation of accessories in trucks and vans, conversions and technical documentation for the type-approval process.

satisfaction guarantee

We believe in a personal approach and stand behind the product sold and the service provided.

Sending products from stock by GLS express delivery – delivery the day after purchase.

Possibility of FREE return of the product within 14 days after purchase. CLICK TO RETURN

Consulting over the phone and the possibility of viewing and testing the product in BTC Ljubljana.

Quick warranty repair of the product is guaranteed, as we keep spare parts in stock.